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Actively respond to market changes, improve enterprise service capabilities -- remember the training of Italian CLEA manufacturers
On May 5, 2019, the technical core team of Shanghai yakali industrial co., LTD set off for Italy to start the 5-day training for manufacturers.

As the general agent of CELA in China, Shanghai yacali industrial co., ltd. has gained a large number of high-quality customers in China through continuous efforts over the years. How to maintain these customers and develop more new customers is what we and CLEA need to work together.
CLEA manufacturers training in Italy can be summarized from the following six aspects:

Equipment structure training
This is one of the core contents of this training. I talked with CELA's technical engineers face to face and learned the components of aerial work vehicle from the structure of equipment, focusing on the principles of practical operation, such as hydraulic system, circuit system and sensor. After knowing the principle of hardware, I will continue to learn software, such as test software, and master the interface, the definition of menu and some important matters needing attention and methods.

How to communicate with customers
With the customer communication mainly embodies in to help customers solve problems, in the daily service, we need to promptly solve problems for customers, so it is very important to the communication with customers, how to understand from the description of the customer to the customer's problem, how to make a clear exposition of the solution to the problem to the customer, these are all we need to learn from.

After-sales service training
Every enterprise has its own after-sales service system. In the process of training, we can learn from each other, understand our own shortcomings, and then learn from each other's strengths, so as to optimize and improve our after-sales service process.

Corporate culture, brand understanding and learning
Go deep into the internal learning, such as to the production workshop, delivery workshop, repair workshop to see, see how they are the division of labor cooperation, to understand their way of work, to see if there is something worth learning.
Communication between the two sides and answer questions
Usually, due to the time difference and distance, this kind of face-to-face communication opportunity is quite rare, so with the help of this opportunity, we can put forward the accumulated questions in daily work, and get the most professional reply after communication.
In general, this training of Italian CLEA manufacturers has achieved a lot. On the one hand, it has strengthened the relationship between us and CLEA, and on the other hand, it has provided more effective guarantee for our future sales and services.
As the aerial work vehicle industry becomes more and more mature, the market becomes more and more transparent, and there is no longer a simple "price war". More and more customers take "product service" as one of the key factors when choosing products. This market orientation, we think, is a positive orientation, because it marks our customers become more mature, the "price king" era may have passed.
But this kind of transformation, it has proposed the higher request to our sale and the service profession and the timeliness.
First of all, let's talk about professionalism, when communicate with customers, professional ask us to correct interpretation of the customer demand, starting from the actual situation of the customer, such as the use of customer demand, the price is the bottom line, brand and so on, standing in customer's position, go to the customer Suggestions of choose and buy, rather than blindly let their own subjective consciousness to recommend the customer is not suitable for their products.
Timeliness is reflected in all aspects of sales and service. From the perspective of sales, timeliness requires us to understand customers' needs as soon as possible and provide practical solutions.
Timeliness of service is even more important. A high-altitude work vehicle is indispensable from installation to after-sales service. The timeliness here may be better described by "efficiency". "efficiency" is not blindly seeking for speed, but after professional judgment and thinking, we find the problem in one stroke, and then efficiently solve the problem for customers and provide services, without wasting customers' time or delaying customers' time.
Therefore, how to deal with this change in the market? We start from ourselves and go out constantly to send our core team to the best platform to learn. Or bring in our suppliers or industry experts to give us more guidance. All these efforts are to actively respond to the changes and competition in the market, so that we become a "one-stop supplier of full-range high-altitude lift vehicles" in the market.