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Standing on the High-altitude Operating Platform and Looking at the Future
Date: 2019-05-13
YACONTEE is the two important promoters of the rapid development of high-altitude operation platform. From the policy point of view, High-altitude Falling accounts for half of the safety accidents of housing and municipal engineering. Under the background that high-altitude falling accidents seriously threaten the safety of housing and municipal engineering in our country, it is expected that the safety standards of high-altitude operation in our country will be tightened, the safety standards of the industry will be standardized, the unsafe construction equipment will be eliminated and the safety will be improved. High-altitude operation platform equipment requirements with higher performance.

Acari is a company specializing in the sales, product maintenance, maintenance and spare parts supply of all series of high-altitude working platforms, high-altitude working vehicles, elevators, lifting platforms and high-altitude platform vehicles imported from Europe. With strict management, reasonable product pricing, reliable supply channels and excellent after-sales service, Yacontee will wholeheartedly welcome customers to come to negotiate and purchase based on the business philosophy of sincerity.