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Let´s Go! —— Yacontee 2019 "Tour to Thailand"
Date: 2019-05-13

There are a group of small partners, who started from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Xiamen, and finally gathered at Langman International Airport in Thailand. Their exotic reunion also opened the prelude to the "Thailand Tour" of Shanghai Yacontee Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2019.

It's said that the weather in Thailand is summer all the year round. In Thailand at the end of April, the weather is already too hot, but it doesn't matter. It still can't resist the curiosity of people who want to explore foreign countries. And the advantage of collective tourism is that there are so many people, and where they go is so vast that they seem to have a great momentum. As a whole, this is our team effect. We always keep the state of inseparability, advance and retreat together, and take care of each other.
The journey is always inseparable from four words, that is, "eat, drink, play and have fun." As a young and energetic group, it is probably "eat, eat, eat, eat" to rank these four words. It has been everyone's goal to eat delicious food all over the world from home to abroad. Let's not talk about the taste of these foods. After all, everyone has different tastes and comments. But it's always good to feel something new. Life is always the same. It takes some courage to accept something unusual.
 Of course, the theme of "eating" runs through the whole journey. After all, only when you have enough food can you have more energy to complete the next journey.

Next, we will start with a brief integration into the culture of the country, which is one of the purposes of this trip. The best way to get to know a strange country in a short time is to walk around the landmarks.
For example, the temples in Thailand, as a country where Buddhist culture is prevalent, show the historical precipitation and cultural value of Thailand, which is also one of Thailand's most famous scenic spots. Walking into the Grand Palace will make people awe-inspiring, and even small partners can not help but make wishes, hoping to bring good luck to themselves. And those magnificent, atmospheric shape, unique style of buildings, as well as people's pious attitude also left a deep impression on you, which will remain in your hearts as a good memory, in the journey to harvest good memories, this is one of the purposes of the journey.

The significance of traveling also lies in being able to see different ways of life and feel different customs. The living situation of the people on the Mekong River and the bustling trading situation on the water market are a unique scenic line. The pictures here are more original and full of life flavor. What they show is the life style of the people in the city. When you really swim on the Mekong River by boat, it seems like you are in a movie picture, magical and pleasant. And the Mekong River fishes because of our arrival also satiated, feeding fish activities we also had a lot of fun, as if they were children at that time, relaxed and fun.
Watching Thai boxing competition is another option to experience Thai local culture. The stimulation from boxing to meat, as well as the sound of sweating, bloodletting, kicking and boxing, make us feel the charm of competition more closely. It is said that becoming a Thai boxer is one of the ways for poor Thai boys to change their lives. For this reason, they began to accept hardly matching spiritual and physical training at their age from a very young age. This "win" culture has been implanted in their minds since childhood, because only winning can change their destiny and gain a higher status in life. The so-called survival of the fittest, which is the same in any country, but watching such a Thai boxing match on the spot, in front of those blood, feel more intense.

After the "Feeling Tour" in Bangkok, our group came to Pattaya, a tourist attraction known as Eastern Hawaii, and began our "Leisure Tour". "Sabah, Pattaya, the sun is hot and spicy." This place is also mentioned in the catchy mythology. The beauty of Pattaya naturally goes without saying. Blue sky, white clouds, sea and beach can slow down time, start to empty themselves, feel the broad world, enjoy the warm touch of sea breeze, sand and the freedom of swimming in the sea. After busy and intense work, it may be necessary to have such a free time for the brain and mind to have a rest space.

The night of Pattaya is another situation, perhaps the night of Pattaya is the real Pattaya, because it is dynamic, lively, noisy, numerous shows broke the tranquility of the day, "people" has become the protagonist of the night, and many tourists come here to witness those who belong to Thailand's humanistic culture, to see the diversity and the world. Richness, after all, broadening our horizons is one of the purposes of tourism.
We also have to talk about another purpose of tourism, that is "record", as an individual to record the impression of the country to everyone. Some people may record the silhouette of the city from the landing window, the Thai flag flying in the blue sky, and the red sunset on the day of leaving Thailand. Some people may be colorful to the dusty streets of the city. Bright vehicles are impressive, and maybe some people focus on their little friends, record their laughter, naughty moments, all of which are good moments to record.
Talking about the purpose of so many tours, but don't forget the most important part, that is, as a collective experience, to cultivate everyone's cohesion, show everyone's outstanding demeanor and then reflect the harmonious corporate culture of Acari. When we are together, we will know each other better and make everyone's cooperation more intimate. When we travel together in this strange country, we always have to take something away. Perhaps the most important thing is the unique memory, which is a collective wealth. When we think about it, we will laugh at each other and think about what we experienced together that summer.